How to manage and clean your Twitter Network

February 28, 2016

Managing your Following



Non-Followers: People that you followed but did not follow you back (unfollow them)

Inactive Following: People you follow that haven’t Tweeted in ages (Consider unfollowing them)

All Following: Complete list of all the people you follow

White List: People you follow that don’t follow you back but that you do not wish to unfollow them (Could be celebrities etc.. Just add to white list and they will be omitted from any unfollow tasks)


Managing your Followers



Follow Back: People that followed you and you should consider following back

Recent Unfollowers: People who have recently unfollowed you

Recent Followers: People who have recently followed you

All Followers: Complete list of all your Followers

Black List: People that follow you but that you would never consider following back. (Could be your hardcore fans, simply black list these users so they will be omitted from any follow back activities)


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