How to Sync a Twitter List to your Qweboo #hashtag community Page

February 28, 2016

Auto Sync the right people into Twitter Lists

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.26.07 PM


Once you know which people you follow are Tweeting to your interest Tag Cloud, you can sync these relevant people into a Twitter List. Enable the option under your edit live page settings. The List auto sync will commence.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.23.12 PM

Over time the people posting to your #hashtag community tag cloud boundary may grow and change. You can update your Twitter list members by pressing the sync blue button on the right side of page

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.45.57 AM

Notice below how your newly created Twitter List matches the title, description and privacy setting of the #hashtag community page created above (in the first image).

Qweboo helps you save time by taking over the old, mundane manual list management process while still giving you the option to white list users you wish to omit from any automated functions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.47.14 AM

View Your Twitter List Stream Inside Your #hashtag community page

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.51.30 AM

View your Twitter List feed inside the #hashtag community page generated by the Twitter List API.

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