How to use #hashtag community Page Streams to Listen effectively

February 28, 2016

Tweets “All People”

all people 2


View Tweets relevant to the hashtags, keywords & phrases that defines the boundary for your target audience inside your #hashtag community page. You can turn on (blue tags) the relevant to search for people tweeting with the selected words. You can control your tag cloud boundary and follow the appropriate users tweeting to your set criteria.

Create interaction by liking, retweeting and following appropriate users that are relevant to your community building needs.



Tweets “People You Follow”

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.41.18 PM

As you start following the right people in your community, you need to have a way to stand out from all the other users that are interacting & following with relevant public profiles by listening to the people you follow. Unlike other community building apps who solely concentrate on prospecting public Twitter profiles to get follow backs.

Qweboo allows you to create the necessary engagement inside your Twitter network to strengthen these new relationships. Liking their tweets, showcasing their content inside your @username #hashtag community feed, retweeting and replying to their tweets goes a long way. They’ll begin to notice your geniune efforts and develop trust in you. Once that initial trust is built, watch your direct messages open rates sky rocket…

Note: (Approved Automation is under development for the serious user)



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