How to control your feed by turning your tag cloud terms ON/OFF

April 15, 2016

Controlling your #hashtag community page feed




You can turn the keywords and phrases On/Off by simply clicking them. Blue is On and white is Off. If the keyword is blue then the page is looking for Tweets with those keywords. If they are off then the page will not look for Tweets with those keywords. This allows you to browse a very specific feed (ex. choosing only 1 keyword On blue) or a more broad or general feed (ex. choosing multiple other keywords on blue)

You can also adjust your topical feed while you browse by turning them on and off from the right side of the Tweet. Your feed will adjust and update after it loads the next set of tweets

Deleting Keywords


You can also manage the keywords and phrases that make the specific #hashtag community topic relevant for you by clicking them here. Note by pressing the pink x on the right you can permanently remove the keywords from you page.

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