How Qweboo Works (Overview)

September 29, 2016

A summary and link map to the functionality for Twitter Marketing & Growth-Hacking Functions




“Listen & Track” tweets from the right people, place & time


“Grow Your Twitter Network” with pin point accuracy & ease


“Clean Up Your Twitter Network”  to remove bad prospects by maintaining a healthy following/follower ratio


“Funnel your Prospects” to generate warm & hot leads & then export to your favorite CRM leads manager app


“Use Smart Automation” to approve, control & save time after you have manually fined tuned your unique interaction & engagement approach for your specific target market




search tweets by keywords or hashtags 

search people tweeting using keywords or hashtags

search people by Twitter bio using keywords or hashtags

search your competitor followers or following

Import Twitter Handles in csv format. (For example if you use to poach and generate a list of Twitter influential users to follow, you can upload them on Qweboo and follow these accounts.)



Additional search functions to use in search bar screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-11-39-54-pm



Here you can get an overview of your Twitter Network and see the necessary stats to clean it up when ever you have the need.

A) The People you Follow


Not Following Back: People you follow that are not following you back

Inactive Following: People you follow that have been inactive for 30+ days

All Following: Complete list of all the people you follow

White list: The people you follow that you wish to omit from any unfollow activities or automated functions  

2a   B) Your Followers


Follow Back: Complete list of followers that you are not following back

Recent Unfollowers: List of people that have recently unfollowed you

Recent Followers: List of people that have recently followed you

All Followers: Complete list of all your followers

Black List: Followers that you wish to omit from any follow back functions or automated tasks



Access your DM’s and craft a custom automated message for your new followers while you transition from the general mass follow/unfollow user growth technique to the better approved automated follow/unfollow lead qualifying approach.  (Note: We don’t add our @Qweboo watermark within messages. Unlike other sites that charge you a monthly fee to remove their company’s watermark brand, we are giving this feature away for free.)


Messages: Your inbox of messages

Messages Automate: Automatically send a welcome Direct Message to new followers for FREE

OOO Away Responder: Automatically send a dm reply response  to your followers or customers whenever they message you while you are away for a specific period of time





Track all your @TwitterHandle mentions here




Qweboo automatically aggregates your Twitter profile tweets and makes them browsable for your followers by the topical tag cloud present in your page, whenever you tweet and reference your short link to your #hashtag community page’s feed.


Profile main: Shows your most active hashtag community pages.

Profile Hashtag communities: a detailed list and alternate view of your most active hashtag community pages

Tags: A list of all your hashtags that you are tweeting with and a list of all the tags you have connected to across all of your hashtag community pages on Qweboo.




This is the main widget that allows you to organize and track the interactions you are creating to stand out from the general Twitter marketing crowd will help you save time by getting to the right tweets from the people you follow. All the while creating that unique genuine engagement needed these days to stand out within the comments of tweets that matter to your overall strategy. The basic idea is to create a funnel down approach to getting targeted followers that you nurture and then turn into warm & hot leads as you effectively create genuine engagement in the process.

Qweboo hashtag community allow you to manually figure out and adjust your unique engagement approach that works for your specific industry or target market. You then can scale & automate your interaction process using Qweboo’s approved automated engagement module. You can read my blog on “twitter marketing that will make you stand out from the crowd 2017” to see the specific details behind the new marketing and engagement strategy approach using Qweboo’s unique dynamics inside your hashtag community pages.

(Note: This is a sample page that I used as an example to show how I’ve connected to a popular hashtag community like #Startup and I have defined all the other terms and phrases that makes the topic or target market uniquely relevant to my interest or needs.)

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-12-47-25-am  A) Your Feeds


@Twitterhandle aggregated collection feed: Allow your follower to query your aggregated collection of tweets using the keywords and phrases inside your unique tag cloud. Notice how you can pin a specific tweet to the top of the feed in each of your hashtag community pages as well.


All People feed: Browse tweets from the public Twitter API based on your active tag criteria within your tag cloud. Interact and engage with your target audience effectively. 

People You Follow feed: See the tweets from the people you are now following within your target market that match your active on/off tag criteria. Further engage and nurture your prospects from this feed to turn your followers into warm or hot leads. 

-List Feed: If you checked off create & sync the people you follow tweeting to your tag cloud when you create or edit your page, Qweboo will then analyze the people you follow tweeting to your tag cloud and start to automatically put them into the specific topical Twitter list associated with your page.


6  B) People Tweeting Tab


Following: See a list and count from the people you’ve followed that are now tweeting to your tag cloud. 

Followers: See a list of the people you follow inside your tag cloud that you have been actively creating engagement with and that have now turned into followers.

-Twitter List Members: See the ongoing list of all the potential prospects tweeting to your tag cloud that you’ve been actively following. Qweboo listens & automatically lists the people you have followed that are tweeting to your unique topical tag cloud to develop a way to track & listen to all the tweets from your prospects incase you have that need.

6a  C) Activity Tab

The activity tab allows you to track all your local actions that you have performed within your specific page. Use to it A/B test your different campaigns and to gather the right analytical insights based on the threads you’ve started and people you are most engaged with inside your page.

All people: See an active timeline record of all the activity you have done within the “All People” feed of your page  (Likes, retweets, replys, dm, follows

People You Follow: See an active timeline record of all the activity done within the second level of the funnel down approach inside your page.

Scheduled Tasks: Is used to search, manage and approve all your Twitter automated engagement tasks associated with the target market that your page defines. 7

See my blog post on Twitter Marketing that will make you stand out in 2017


Use your Tag cloud to control your hashtag community page feeds




Home Dashboard & Global Search







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