How to turn your Twitter lists into powerful marketing hubs

August 7, 2017


Did you know that Twitter allows you to create up to 1000 lists with a maximum number of 5000 users for each list per account. You can literally monitor the real-time tweets of up to 5 million users per account. All for FREE

A Twitter list is simply a way to curate a group of Twitter users to organize them more efficiently so you can better manage your tweets. You can subscribe to another users popular public list and leverage someone else’s time and effort in curating users or you can also create your own private lists or public lists that you can also share with others. A Twitter lists allows you to follow the tweets of specific groups of users that you don’t have to necessary follow. From a marketing perspective, Twitter lists allow you to tap into topic focused real time conversations that allow you to gain real-time insights, like sentiment and intent so you can better fill the real-time needs of your target market. Each list contains their own unique timeline that can be accessed via API for big data processing and analytics.

Some examples of different ways to use Twitter lists include:

*Segment keywords of topics related to my industry as a corporate brand.

*Segment people in my industry by location or expertise.

*Segment Influencers I know in my field.

*Segment and create wishlists for my competitors (as a private list).

*Segment topics by #hashtag of profiles that I want to socially listen to on a regular basis.

*Profile and help create personas of my customers, clients or prospects.

*Segment attendees of conferences, trade-shows and events significant to your business.

*Create visibility for top 50 Influencer lists in your field that build rapport with them and help you build partnerships.

*Segment potential business partners and prospective partner companies.

As you can see the benefits of using Twitter lists are pretty crystal clear, but the one drawback they have is that it takes time and effort to find the right users to group them into the specific purpose for your lists. Pretty much it’s a very time consuming & manual task. Twitter lists can be the perfect solution to clean up noisy timelines for users who follow many accounts but the reality is that the work it would take to curate all the people you follow into lists may not be worth the time and effort, especially for the average Joe, unless you have a marketing or business objective.

Years ago I was searching for a Twitter list app that would provide an efficient way to create, manage and automate the growth of Twitter lists to get the most out of them without putting all the time and effort in maintaining them. Unfortunately I did not find this app to meet my specific needs so I decided then to create my own app and find a better way to get the most out of Twitter lists without having to spend so much time and effort in the process.

My app Qweboo does just that. It not only allows you to create custom real-time topical Twitter feeds from the public search API and your Home timeline but also allows you to create & effectively manage list growth within your specific target market. It literally turns your Twitter list into a powerful marketing hub where you can easily find the right prospects that are relevant for you to add and grow your list. Qweboo also provides a way to track all the activity you perform in each of your list pages so you can better organize your marketing efforts and plan the right engagement moves with the right people that express interest in your product or service.

Here is how it works:

You signup to Qweboo by connecting your Twitter account.

On the home page you select Twitter lists and then press the blue sync button to import your current lists. If you have not created a list before, you can click on the blue button on the top right that says create a list.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.06.52 AM

I recently created a list called Entrepreneurs. My purpose is to find like minded individuals like me and curate them into my entrepreneur list where I can specifically network with them there and also track all my actions. After clicking my list this is what it will look like. (See below) Notice the tabs. The default tab “Tweets” loads the tweets from your list feed. You can also view the members of this list and the subscribers to this list as well. The Activity tab will record every single action you perform inside this list so you can make better engagement decisions when you start to interact and engage with the members. In order to turn your Twitter list into a  powerful marketing hub, you simply click on the blue button (Red box) “Grow your Twitter list”

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.08.15 AM

After clicking on the “Grow your Twitter List” button you will be redirected to the list settings page. All you have to do is create a #hashtag topic that describes your list and then enter all other keywords, terms and phrases in the box below that will help you find the right people tweeting on these terms that are relevant to your target market. Click save.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.40.38 AM

After you click save you will be redirected back to the List page. (See below) Notice how under the Tweets tab highlighted in blue, there are three new additional sub-tabs for the type of tweets that can be viewed within your list page. You can view the “List” feed that comes with your page as well as two new custom feeds under these sub-tabs. “All People” and “People you follow”

The “All People” feed allows you to browse real time tweets from the public search API that returns users tweeting to the selected words you highlight within your tag cloud in blue (see: Red box) You can select and or deselect terms to create custom search feeds on the fly. As you browse tweets within your custom feeds, Qweboo alerts you which terms caused the tweet to appear in your feed. For example if you see the blue box on the bottom right of the image, you can see that this tweet showed up in my feed because the word “startup” and “Entrepreneur” were present in the tweet and it matched the terms selected in blue inside my tag cloud. Qweboo also picks up other hashtags in the tweet that are not part of your tag cloud yet and displays them with a green + symbol allowing you to discover and quickly add the new relevant terms that may make sense for your target market.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.43.33 AM

The “People you follow” feed is a filtered feed of your home timeline that returns tweets from your home timeline matching the blue terms selected inside your tag cloud. This allows you to curate the people you follow & put them in the appropriate lists that make sense for your purpose. No need to search elsewhere, browse the relevant tweets that matter and effectively grow your list at the same time. So many power users that strive to grow a large targeted network by following back hundreds and thousands of users that match their interests have no efficient way to later interact and communicate because they cannot keep up with their noisy home timelines that are limited to the last 800 tweets of the moment. For an account that follows 500 users we are talking about only a few hours worth of tweets for that day that are browsable. Where did all the relevant tweets that I wanted to see from the people I follow go? Inside the Twitter Black Hole

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.46.59 AM

The Activity tab is a life saving tool for any power user or marketer. It records all the actions you do on each of the 3 feeds within your list page. Below you can see the actions I performed under the “People you follow” feed within my list page. This feature will help you organize your marketing efforts and allow you to develop a better engagement strategy with the relevant users you are communicating with and or prospecting.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.48.23 AM

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