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October 31, 2015

Qweboo comes with a unique yet powerful publishing & curation platform 

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Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.36.24 PM

Qweboo’s publishing platform allows you to simultaneously Tweet, retweet, and quote tweets while you curate and collect the best tweets into your own @username’s feed associated to your #hashtag community page. (i.e. In the below example #Humor being the hashtag community topic that governs the collection feed aspect of your page) With Qweboo you can connect to public hashtag community conversations happening on Twitter in real-time and at the same time have your own collection to the hashtag feed under your appropriate’s Live Page @username feed that you can showcase while you tweet on the subject matter.

We can all now be connected to the same public hashtag yet have our own unique @username feed’s to the same common hashtag topic. Allowing a process for real-time interest based hashtag communities to be created on the fly and grow popular while having a unique defined purpose & intent. Simultaneously allowing individual members of the community to express themselves with their unique collection streams using the same public hashtag topic.

Selecting your appropriate #hashtag community page is synonymous to selecting the appropriate Pinterest board where you collect your pin to except Qweboo also allows you to promote your #hashtag community page’s collection feed by placing the topic’s hashtag & short link in the header of the Post or tweet so others can see your take on the subject matter. (i.e. #humor in our example below ) Note: Buffer integration is under development.